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Based on a true story.

Adam - Lost Memories is a psychological horror game, based on a true story that happened to me when I was a child.

Fear in real life is not from zombies that want to eat your brain, or the ghost that came back from the after-life to open your fridge while you slept.

True fear is when you cry in the corner of your small room for some food and water. True fear is when you are constantly shamed, terrorized, and humiliated for years. True fear is when you can't see the end of it.

I created this game because I wanted to show people how it feels to be a child who grew up in a family that's falling apart.

Back then, the only thing I had was a book. When I read it again and again, it would sometimes feel like I was inside it, in a different place.
For me, that was an escape from reality.

This game builds up an unforgettable and unique atmosphere from the beginning. This is not a walking simulator, and this game does not rely on jump-scares. You play as a mentally ill person who suffers from panic disorders.

You play as me...


- An Immersive first person experience.
- A physics based world, where you can interact with every object.
- Puzzles that you can solve in different ways.
- A completely narrated main story, by the professional voice actor Isaak Wells.
- 3D sound implementation for the best experience.
- Original music made by me.
- A true, original story that will change the way you see child abuse.

If my game can gain enough support, I'm definitely going to help children who have a life like mine was, because this game is about them too.

Articles - Reviews:

Rely on Horror
"one of the most striking horror games I’ve seen this year."

Indie Game Website
"it’s a horror game about being afraid of life"

If your FPS is lower than 12, some aspects of the game might not work well.

The config I developing the game on are my recommended system requirements: AMD A10 5800K, 12GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB OC Strix, SSD

First public version released on 05.26.2019. Children's Day (Hungary)

Thank you:
Adam Dubi


Adam - Lost Memories uses Unreal® Engine. Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2020, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.


Buy Now
On Sale!
80% Off
$14.99 $2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 2

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Adam - Lost Memories - 1 Hour Long Demo 3 GB
Version 5

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Just did a whole series on this game (YouTube playlist linked) and I loved it all. Great story, great atmosphere, great scares, and crazy backstory. I hope you’re doing well Adam and thank you for a fantastic game, I look forward to whatever you make next if you decide to continue making games.

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Just played the first half hour or so, but loving it so far. Gives off some Amnesia vibes that I really like. Definitely gonna keep playing.

Honestly an amazing horror game, of how you used the gameplay actions in the sci-fi world to align with the story beats of the traumatic past was astounding. It was done really well and at the end watching the clips go by, really aligned both together. Really felt like a strong narrative game.

I come looking for help please, I've been wanting to play this game for a long time because of its gloomy and incredible setting but unfortunately, since I bought a new PC so I can run it, it no longer opens on steam (I bought it). I don't know what the cause is, I tried to fix it for possible file failures, things about dll programs and that, but nothing works.


All the games in my gallery open except Adam Lost Memories. And I was sad because I wanted to make content on yt and twitch about the game. Please someone help me.


Psdt: I don't know if this message is well written since I don't know English, I resort to google translator to communicate

Psdt2: this error also happens with itchio, I can't even play the demo

what kind of error message are you getting?

That's the problem, the game just won't open for me. I have it bought on steam and it just doesn't work. It's like I never open it when obviously I do. If you want I'll send you a video :'/

Do you have the itchio version? If so, can you try launching the AdamLM.exe directly from the folder? Also what are your system specs?

I haven't bought the itchio version but if the steam version doesn't work, I think the itchio version doesn't work. I'll try to test with the demo

yeah see if the demo works, if it does you can refund the game on steam I believe since you didnt "play it" for 2 hours. Then you can buy it here instead if it works


I'm not going to play this but I really appreciate that you made it. (abuse victim)


This demo was beautiful, all the way around. I literally finished playing and wrapped up my LP, then went straight to Steam to purchase the FR! I'll definitely leave a review on Steam when I complete the full version of the game, which I'm soo excited to dip into! I wish you great success and look forward to more of your creations!

Great work!

Very great game. But there's a slight bug for me. When i get to the part where I activate D level power(when power A has already been turned on) i got stuck on the pedestal with teddy bear. So i thought restarting the game might help, but when I got back in the game, power level is still down and I don't have syringe anymore...Can someone help me with this?

Looking forward to playing the full release! Going to update now and look into it soon. Really excited and also terrified to return to this masterpiece of horror :)

After 2 hours of retreading where I last was at long ago, I finally am able to get back to this game, PHEW - 

Finally, the conclusion we've all been waiting for. It was definitely worth the wait. A few criticisms though. I do feel the last chapter didn't deliver as many punchy scares as the first few releases.
But, what it did give us was far more context into the symbolism Adam uses throughout the game. Adam, drawing on his experiences as a factory worker, takes that environment into a pure psychological mind fuck of realistic sounds, grotesque visuals, and smartly placed apparitions that make rounding every corner intimidating.
I will forever refer to this game as the hallmark for what a great indie dev could do. What a great game could be. One that haunts you long after you've finished. Especially a game like this, where the horrors are all too real as they are the lived experiences of the game's creator. His terrors, insecurities, struggles, thoughts... they are manifested here. Adam's work should be studied by budding developers.

To Adam, thank you so much for your work. A masterpiece that must be experienced first hand is hard to execute, and truly those who've stumbled upon your work have found gold. I enthusiastically await your future titles. One day, I hope to see your name in the credits of a AAA title.

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Hey, just tried out the full release of the game - when I tried to start, it instead opened the previous version of the game, where it cuts off (after opening the giant door) to a sneak peek. So I checked my files, and extracted the .rar, and it opened up the full version. However, upon going for 'Continue' (because I had a previous save), it did nothing and the game got stuck in darkness (it even had the new inventory which worked). Will I need to start all over again?


Dear n3dd,

Thank you for your feedback!

Basically, a lot of things has been changed between the Early Access and the Final release in Adam.
Your old save files probably points you to a location that moved around, or didn't exist anymore, or completely changed.

You can easily continue your progress in the game by replacing your old save files with new ones.

I have a discussion on Steam about this here:

Thank you again,

Hey, thanks for this - I actually opted to start again, and boy it was indeed a new experience - overall you've made a beautiful piece of work, really loved it

I got a problem with the full release Adam. I'm on chapter 4 in the room with the "Air" machine thing. I don't know how to describe it, but it has a button to press above it, but nothing happens. I found a dark area to the side of the locked door in the same room, but I managed to get stuck in an endless jump. I quit the game and got back in, but I was still stuck in the dark. I even tried using the camera flash I found, but it's not working. Either it's a bug, or it's scripted to not work yet.  My only option right now is to choose New Game, but that's not happening man. Is there anything that can at least get me out the darkness? Let me know when you get the chance.

Dear friend,
Thanks for your feedback!
I solved this issue, and a fix will be up in the near future to prevent this to happen with others.

But your savegame still points you to a location where you stuck.
So I created some new ones for you:

Please replace your corrupt ones with these in:

You can place your camera in the "Air" machine thing, below the press button, to dry it out and make it work again.

Also attach the "camera flash attachment" to your Camera in the inventory, to make a flashlight from it.

I'm going to create more hints to this tonight.

Thank you again,

Adam Dubi

Thanks for the new file. Unfortunately, I'm having an issue with finding the Local Save Files for the game. I searched around in my system and found the AdamLM folder, but the only thing I could find were the 'Binaries' and 'Content' folders. I even tried creating a save folder for it, but no luck. Also, there was nothing dealing with the game in my User folder. I even went through Steam to search, but I couldn't anything. Any ideas?

Hey man, amazing game but one problem and need help fixing, the diving helmet won't let me interact with it even though it has the icon to pick it up. Unsure if this is a bug or intentional but from other Youtube videos posted from yesterday, it looks like this is happening to a couple of others sadly. I genuinely want to continue with this game! Please help!

Dear Reeders,

Thank you so much for your feedback.
I'm sorry about this bug, but I do my best to fix it ASAP.
For now, you can continue your progress by simply restarting the game without any progress loss.

This sometimes happens with only the helmet and the camera thanks to some weird collision issue.

Thank you again,


Congrats man, as you'd know, been a fan and playing this from the start, can't wait to see what changes, improvements, and to see how the game ends. :P

Thank you so much my friend!
I can't wait to see it.

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Congratulations on the release of the game, I'm keen to finishing the game - well done for the incredible amount of effort put in this game!
Only issue is that the download speed... downloading at 300kb average for 8gb - is having the game on Steam possible for itch.io owners?

Thank you so much!

It means a lot to me.

I know itch servers are far from the steam ones, but I still keep the game updated here as well with care, because of my love to the itch community and the site itself.

Itch.io is an incredible and great site, but it’s not really meant to be for larger games like mine, and it’s completely understandable.

If you could send me an email from the one you bought Adam - Lost Memories on itch.io to adamdubigames@icloud.com, I can provide you a steam version for sure.

Thank you so much again!


It's no problems - I have actually successfully downloaded the game, I was just pointing out the problematic downloading speed, and how it might bug certain people. Thanks, though!
Good luck in your future

I hope the OP is alright. This game is a masterpiece, and I pray that with all that OP went through in their life they're safe. This stupid virus isn't helping either.


Will you port this game to Linux?

My wife and I played through the latest release. We both throughly enjoyed Adam and are very much looking forward to the final release. We have become quite desensitized from horror but Adam did some things to really creep us out and atmosphere was phenomenal. The theme of the game is relatable as I grew up in a physically and mentally abusive household and my parents split when I was 8 years old. I hope you expand on the story in the final release. When all is said and done, job well done!


Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

I'm really sorry I wasn't able to access my email that's why I missed this game. Phenomenal Games Adam this game is really amazing. Environment,Graphics, sound effects and overall every thing is perfect in this game. Really Thankful to you for this amazing game :)

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Thanks for the opportunity to play! Sorry this video is not very good. However I will play more. Also the atmosphere is terrifyingly amazing!! Well done. I cant wait to get back to it! (Side note anyone watching just skip to about 5 min in. I talked to much)


Thank you for the opportunity to play this game!


part 5


Full playlist - 3 parts (roughly around 1 hour 20 mins total).

Thanks for the opportunity, Adam!





part 4 of this great game :)


Thanks for the Key Adam!


my 3rd part :)

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Came from John Wolfe's channel.

My good man Adam, your game looks and feels marvelous. It's atmosphere is just for me, I love those urban jungles. And the fact that there is no actual jumpscares with loud noises or spooky monster following you adds more points to the score. I think I'm gonna buy it here, on Steam and I'm gonna recommend it to my friends. I would pray that your game will make it to a full release. Wish you the best, you are talented fella (:

(sorry for possible mistakes, I'm not a native speaker)


my second part :)


Here is my final episode (PART 3) of Adam: Lost Memories!

I enjoyed every single bit of the game! It is so amazing in every aspect!

I gave some insights and suggestions at the end of the episode, so here you go!

P.S. Why does the monster like to blair witch lol



hi my friend, big thx for the key. the game is so great. disturbing, scary, sad.....wow. very good job. greetings from germany


As I go further into the the game, from the back and forth of trying to unlock a room/area is definitely repetitive but that's the thing with nightmares, dreams, etc. which makes sense for this game.

Here is PART 2 of my Adam: Lost Memories Let's Play!


love this game i cant wait to stream/play it.

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Hey! The developer sent me a Steam key yesterday and why not play the game! Here is PART 1 of my Adam: Lost Memories Let's Play!



Played the early access 3 version sent to me Via Email Steam key. Loved this literally to pieces! everything about it is SO GOOD! I give a full in-depth review in my video below at the end! 


Absolutely loved the game man! Had me on edge from the beginning. the atmosphere you have built through decor, lighting and music is excellent. Keep up the good work!


Guys! Just think about the pain that this guy have to go trough to make this amazing and creey game... Just... Think about it!


Hi there I just stumbled upon your game looks like you put a lot of work into it. If I may ask if you buy the game do you get access to the rest of the updates that are due to be released?

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Thank you!
Of course. If you get your hands on the game now, you are going to get the whole thing when it's finished.

Edit: And you of course get access to any future updates as well.


Thanks for letting me know


My last part for now, can't wait for the next update!

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